The Popular Girl and the Band Kid

The Popular Girl and the Band Kid

By Zachary Weinstein


Of all the kids at this school by the sea,

None were as popular as bold Euridice,

She was on all the sports teams, was second to none,

She even had hundreds of followers, what fun!


Meanwhile, in the band room down the hall,

Orpheus was practicing for a musical brawl.

His strumming was ever so divine,

He knew with enough practice his college scholarship would be thine.


Suddenly, he looked up from his tune,

And saw Euridice staring at him from outside the room.

Her gaze was pinpoint, her eyes crystal clear.

Orpheus knew with her by his side, he’d have nothing to fear.


His hands returned to his violin and his bow,

With each passing note, the room started to glow.

Young hearts caressed over the melodious sound,

It seemed their fate was now forever bound.


Later on that night, Orpheus went to her home,

And was greeted by Hades, wearing nothing but chrome.

His metallic leather jacket was preen and precise,

With his blue hair slicked back, he spoke quick and concise.


“If you want to take Euridice out tonight with thee,

One little deal, and then I’ll agree.  Whatever you do and whatever you say,

If you stare where you shouldn’t, I’ll send you away.

No games, no rehashes and no second chance,

You’ll be out alone at the Homecoming Dance.”


Orpheus smiled delighted and shook Hade’s hand,

For this deal was acceptable to this gleeful, little man.


Later that night, Orpheus sat in her car,

Lucky to be with his school’s shining star.

But he forgot about his pact and broke his word and his bond,

And Euridice slapped him and said “Get out of my car, it seems I’ve been conned!”


He was kicked out of the coupe, Doubt laughing in his ear,

Saying “I knew you’d mess up, now go disappear!”


Orpheus then proceeded to walk away, grief in his eyes:

No more music to play.  If this young adolescent had not been so bold,

He’d have been with the girl who’d turn his music to gold.


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