Poor Kid


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Poor kid, Leave me alone. Leave the animosity from your personal experiences away from me. See I haven't done anything to you. I've so happened to walk pass your way, and you was having a bad day so you decided in retaliation to nothing that you would slaughter my self esteem. Poor kid, I come across to you as vulnerable because I do not bash you with signs of hate, which leads me to self-hatred because I did not stand up for myself and participate in your stupidity. Poor kid, it excites you that you have me hanging from a thread, and I am being tighten like a weave sew in to the head for security. Poor kid, I continue to dangle from this thread of yours helplessly. I silently reach out ,but no one is reaching back out to me. But it's okay, I think they all only afraid that they would all become a puppet too. Poor kid, your tight grip has made me numb to pain and has loosen my brain cells to do the unthinkable. You see I did not want to take this direction, but self-harm seems to be the only suggestion because of the lack affection you express towards me. Poor kid, I almost did it to myself. I almost became a statistic, but during the preparation of hanging myself with the thread you swing me from, I realized that letting someone end my life would be ballistic and foolishly done. So poor kid I decided that I would carry on. Your words do not hurt me as much as they should hurt you because those words you use towards me is the way you feel about yourself. You see I don't know much about you but one thing I know from every tactic you do is that the only person who is full of poverty is YOU.

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