Pollution Planet

There is too much plastic in the air today

We need to fix this pollution planet

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It works!

We have to get out of these bad habits.


Unlike us, fish don’t drink with straws

They don’t drink, but breathe through their gills

So when we leave our rubbish in their waterways,

well, rest assured, it kills


Can you breathe with the air anymore?

Can you even swim at the beach?

We can protect the world, we know how!

The next generation we have to teach.


Make the change from plastic to paper

And no more single use

The world is in the hands of the future

What happens is up to you!


Make the right choice and do it today

You can give back to this World

We just need to make sure this is told

To every young boy and girl


The planet’s being destroyed by bags of plastic

and tons and tons of pollution

Life shouldn’t be like this for the future

Stop. It’s the only solution.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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