Polluted Shower


I turn on the shower head along with my thoughts

Which are often not my thoughts at all

My mind has been infiltrated by society's thoughts

And everything it has taught

Should I really be distraught about all this?

My brain receptors have battled and fought

But either comes out with a tie or a loss


So am I really speaking to you freely

Or when you speak do you lie to me?

Or are we all just a product of society

Maybe I am terrified of my own self

I grabbed the money off of my shelf

A rebellious teen giving no fucks about luck

Who sold his childhood for a couple of bucks


How could I be forced to deal with mathematical computation

When I'm too busy dealing with society's negative connations 

Relationships? Ah! So nonexistent!

I perceive the girl of my dreams standing in the distance

Her lips trembling as she begins to speak

"We can't coexist, nick!" 


I begin drowning in my subconcious's inner abyss

Seeking the opportunity to gain momentary bliss

A path to escape is presented as anxiety feels my lungs

I can't even make out the words rolling off my tongue

This messed up menatality has me battling with sanity

While fake friends try dapping me


And now as the water runs down my head

I think of the many moments when I should have 

denied life and embraced death 

Then my beliefs will enable me to ressurect and ascend

Catch a glimpse of my insanity 

I'm a troubled kid low in the pyramid of society


Becoming aware of sonder and grow fonder of human existence

Shhhhh! Just listen!

The seconds are taking hours

Sweetness is tasting sour

And a trail of misery hides behind my smile


My status in society is no longer shown 

Too busy following my own role

So insecure about every aspect of this life 

I should go to confession

At least maybe then I will be socially accepted



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