Police Brutality

Ethnicity is not a crime.

Gathering together for justice isn’t either.

What they did was wrong, it was sickening, it was cold blooded murder.

The four thinking they were protected from justice because they hid behind the shield.

Well those four are behind are behind bars now, caged like the animal they are surrounded by steel.

Rotting away in a cell because of what they have done.

George Floyd was not the only one.

Policeman who bring harm to the unarmed shall be punished.

It is people like them that racism still exist.

They are not your skin color.

 They do not dress like you, they do not talk like you because they are not privileged like you.

You think it is okay to treat others like that.

You think you are above them all.

Together we will hold hands, marching the streets uniting us all.

To show you we are not alone and together we will stand tall.  

Marching for justice not only for George Floyd but for all.

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My community
My country
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