Polar Opposites

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 01:32 -- NikkiD8



There was no love,

No hate,

No feelings in your eyes.

You watched me from above;

There was definitely no debate,

That you completely ignored my cries.

But without you,

It's like the ocean with no tide,

No rules to abide.

No blazing sun for warmth,

No shining moon for soothing coolness.

But with you,

I’m consumed by your unbeating heart,

An endless, dark, and pain-filled abyss.

Though I couldn't exist without you.

I am Life.

You are Death.

I’m a sigh.

And you’re the last breath.

I am Light

Opposed to your Dark.

I’m the wind swirling through the park.

You’re the silence of a pitch black night.

It's hard to be a shining grin full of hope,

With your look of somber tranquility struggling with fear.

I’m the smile that helps you cope,

But you'd rather die than shed a single tear.

Even in your hate, there is love,

A raven hidden in my dove.

We are exactly the same,

But we're also polar opposites.

You're a wild flame,

While I am easy to tame.

You, an icy locket,

Me, warm and soft velvet.

Yet we're the same person,

Strong and broken,

Burning and frozen,

A single poet.  


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