poisonous love

I’M so sad, that when She said she had enough but yet she always

GOING BACK to it, saying

MAYBE IT’ll BE DIFFERENT, but sadly she doesn’t get it, cause whenever she asks me what she should do I say

LETTING GO” was thee answer, but she said

ISN’T that THE same thing as saying give up” but how could she possibly understand that her

ANSWER is just her way of saying that

WHEN life gives

YOU lemons it’s a sign for you to

PUT SO MUCH effort into to turn it into lemonade so you can enjoy it like the sweetest thing it is. But yet deep down inside she hurt in’, when from “innocent girl” 

INTO “slut” and she can’t handle

IT, ‘cause she wasn’t what they said she was, saying she’s nothing but an idiot.

AND where can she go, who can she look to, where can she smile to when everyone around her seems to

THINK the same way, saying that she’s better off in another place, which don’t even carry the same name. And yet his words, can’t even reach her, no matter what he said, she didn’t believe it when he said that

MAYBE HE MIGHT just not even

LOVE her AND still she believe that he does... and all he can do, is listen to the way his friend thinks and tell her to

FEEL the love differently. But she says: maybe it can be

THE SAME way like it used to be,





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