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Broken shatters of reflective glass

Each glistening under the sun's ultra violet

     Ultra Violent

Stabbing through it's way

Trickling the crevice of forgotten memories

Buried deep under the crumbs of less minuscule



There have been enough times of disparity and consciousness

And not enough times of reconciling and forgiveness

But every every spilt glass is picked up

and somehow the glistening shards no longer seem...


But absorb light

And the dispersed glass no longer seem apart

But a part of a larger scale



The glass is no longer half empty or half full

It simply cannot hold any more

The fluid that swished the edge of the rim

doesn't swallow until showing a gigantic


The liquid runs down the side

Simply because chaos became more gentle

and the vacillating dynamism lost of capacity of


Over me



The mistakes

Treacherous reminders every time I opened my eyes

Or sat down and lingered of the thoughts of should have,would have

And I could have time

Disperse into the air as a tiny million dandelions

surrounding my empty, broken cup

I have nothing to lose and all to gain

Shattered and flailed

And it will shatter and flail as many times

as the story is written

As my story written

I am breaking

I am growing

I am putting myself together again   


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