Poison Was Her Elixir

Poison was her elixir
And also her nightcap

Thus her imaginations comingled with theories of machinations

Many considered madcap


Thus inward she withdrew

from the garish world we live

Where autonomy, cavorting and various deeds

Pope Gregory I's heart attack it would give


With slight upon slight she found a cause

To build and build her many walls

And the exacerbation was from stagnation

Caused by decades of living in subordination


From the poison came delusions

That contained no solutions

That left her intentions tainted

Since her own endeavors had been abated


She told her son the sky was the limit

But because he was a black male the limit was the sky

And black women had it easier

Downright lie


And the word queer

Bore synonymous names

Deviant- no progeny

Blackball and chains


Thankfully her son is wise

And sees through the toxic haze

And will drink the bitter medicine

For his remaining days

This poem is about: 
My family


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