Poison Cupcake

Today was a battle, 

Yesterday a fight.


Tomorrow will be another...

Reminder of this war.


You’ve taken my youth,

Poured poison into my future;


But I have the antidote,

And I’m going to use it.


You can accuse me,

Abuse me,

You can even kill me;


But, I won’t lay down.

I won’t stop screaming,

I won’t let you win

All these battles you’ve initiated.


I am the victor.

The one who always triumphs.


You are a pathetic amateur.


I am the knife,

You are the heart.


I am the fire,

You are the bark.


I won’t give in,

I’ll only grow stronger.

Soon I’ll be someone you fear,

Maybe someone you ponder. 


So enjoy these last few moments of blissful victory;

Because I’m bringing in my tanks,

I won’t stop until you’re history.


Bye-bye, little cupcake,

Have fun in hell.

And I’ll be here, erecting a podium

Of you when you fell.


This poem is about: 
My family


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