Point of View of a Young Mother


United States
35° 21' 5.6196" N, 119° 3' 27.468" W

I feel so stuck
Contemplating why I should give a f*^%
Intercourse an early age pushed beginner's luck
And now it's crazy
Cuz I'm bout to have this baby
I ain't ready,
but abortion ain't an option
I ain't givin up
What kind of woman would i be killin off my seed
To take away the importance of responsibility
Encourage others
To be what they want to be
But turn the fact and snap
When the situation becomes me
It gets harder cuz I feel no one understands
My stomach large and I can't fit none of my f*&%$#@ pants
My feet get swollen and my back startin to ache
This aint great
But that night that we conceived put us both at fate
Don't get me wrong
I'm excited to have a little girl
And when she gets here
I'ma give her all of the f*&^%$# world
I walk in public
And I feel like I'm gonna hurl
With everybody starin you feel judgements spinning in a whirl
When I peed on that stick and saw that plus sign
I nearly fainted cuz my heart dropped with my mind
Right now i'm fine, but I don't like what I see
All these young girls sportin pregnancy as an accessorie?
That ain't me
A child is God's gift
It took me time to understand it
Cuz i felt like sh&^
I'm going back to church
Cuz the bible is so legit
And I need God holdin my hand
Through the plan he sees fit
I thank God that my boyfriend never quit
He stepped up to the plate
And made a homerun hit
He walked each base with a smile and a grin
And he has stayed by my side so Ima love him till the end
Quittin on me is a judgement upon yourself
As long as I don't quit on me
I am worried of no one else
I face each challenge to stimulate my health
And i bank toward the money
Success leads to wealth...


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