poets love

I fell in love with a poet

But neither of us knew it

I fell in love with his rhymes

With they way he combines he and she

and makes them we

how we become one

sharing the same sun

the day kisses my forehead hello as it's kissing his cheeks good-bye

sharing the same moon

but our stars appear differently

this poet i fell in love with

his words were a sweet serendepity

a voice a gentle as a kitten

as rough a bull shark

as ever calming as the ocean running to hug the sea

but for ever sad as the shore chases the ocean when it leaves

it was my favorite voice

to hear the rambling of his thoughts

knowing that he had an unsettled mind

he was the pen and i was the paper

i listened

as he wrote every thought, phrase, and punctuation

like a diary every thought and idea was safe with me

every joke or pun - to hear the laughter in his voice

how genuine and sincere that laugh was

a heart felt laugh, that sarted at the gut and worked its way to the surface

every punctuation he wore on his face, he never had to speak with words

this poet

i was in love with him

but neither of us knew it


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