The Poet's Flaming Pen

The poet's pen is more stinging

Than the sword of Damocles

The poet's pen is more charming

Than the exotic flowers of the jungles of the East.


Everything passes like the waters of the rivers

Everything we see is ephemeral

But the chosen words are eternal

Where the spirits dance with the honeys in the mirrors.


As a rule, the truth surges in a dream, in a yearn

To fantasize all kind of lies and desire

Darling, sit down to understand or to learn

About things that are both wacky and tender.


The poet's pen is on fire

Like the sword of Damocles

The poet's pen is very muscular

To expectorate evil manners.


P.S. Translation of “ La Plume Enflammée Du Poète” by Hébert Logerie.


Copyright © May 2021, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poems.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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