A Poets Dilemma Of Love

A Poets Dilemma of Love
Bubbling troubling thoughts 
pressed against my mind
My heart right on the spot 
my mind covering over copes 
of ideas what to say 
what to write about my days 
what my heart feels 
what my body needs 
I sent to sanctuaries where 
graves lay with my heartaches 
running in deep agony 
This haunting that don't go away
dilemma of the undesirable lies 
unpleasant hate lost in faith
The choices that we make 
Cumbersome pain to hard to handle 
without deep faith 
Easily the wind drifts the mind
away to a place of the unknown  
Climb aboard and float away to
the sea and dream 
Of you and me 
A photographic memory 
taking pictures depicted in my eyes 
fantasizing a dream of true love 
which one day it may true 
Awkward and clumsy ,uncontrollable 
but related to faddish devotion
A gem to spend hours 
formulating pearls to 
unfold why run in Rome 
a place called home 
form through brain storm 
That has no end but
known to create creativity 
My poetic mind can charm you 
Thee electricity run deep 
to write words in time of lovers lines
this is one of a kind 
ten thousands volts of you and I
traveling through my spine 
through my heart to my mind 
the touch of your hand make my 
poetic mind spine
My mind ,my hand that moves this pen 
The black ink on silk paper to write
my poetic lines on time 
to end the sands from sinking away 
Thinking if we stay stained in ink 
the heart will sink 
A loves poem I will write from my heart
to your heart that will last forever
in any type of weather 
whenever anyone reads about us 
bleeding , blood stained poetry 
to know it's us on this piece of silk 
poetic paper that will revile our 
True love to the world 
evaporated in the ways that we think 
the way that we feel 
the way our hearts beat as one like 
a big old poetic drum that goes boom ,boom
I Love You 
That others can read about you and me 
our love did sink in the night 
it is making Love in the midnight skies 
In the Mediterranean Sea our heart did bleed
Imagining in one blink to think 
What could ever had gone wrong in a sad 
poetic song 
Even though our souls live on 
Born from every word drawn from eyes 
Realizing we will always be alive 
even after we die 
To all artist 
To all poetic of true Love
Poets of haters
poets of Lovers 
We shall all bleed out with true loves Ink 
on that silk poetic paper 
with time the age of
eternally exist 
the ink of the heart and mind to all mankind 
of of you and I .
Lilly Emery
Poets heart


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