Poetry Stays Gold

Natures first green is gold

I had always read a lot, but never much poetry

Her hardest hue to hold

Not that I didn’t like poetry- I just hadn’t learned to love it yet

Her early leaf’s a flower

But this poem flowed into me- as if I were drinking it like water

But only so an hour

And flooded me with enough gold to replace the gold I’d lost.

Then leaf subsides to leaf

So I’ve read many poems since

So Eden sank to grief

And this is no longer my favorite- I could never choose a favorite

So dawn goes down to day

But it means the most to me

Nothing gold can stay

Because it taught me how poetry can make me gold again


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emily bennett

Message from the creater. I'm really sorry if I'm hard to understand in the video. I have a really terrible incurable lisp.

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