Poetry Saves Lifes

Since I was born,

I hit the ground running

I could not fall

And if I did,

I could not ask for help

I was born to a mom and a father, unlike many others

A father truck driver

Never there, but there to yell

He was there to tell me I couldn’t

He was there to tell me I had done it wrong

He was there to tell me “find out how to do it yourself”

Instead of teaching me

I learned to bike at twelve, I hoped he would teach me

My cousin did instead

If I tried without his help, I failed

If I failed, he told me I was shit

He told me I wouldn't learn

He told me...I would always fail

If I were mad I would cry

If I cried he would scold me

If I laughed he wouldn’t hear it

If I talked back...he would smack

If he were talking, I could not

If I tried to talk, he would yell back

I could never talk when he was around

For a time, I felt he could hear whenever I talked

I felt I could not talk

I could not cry

I could not yell, laugh or talk

I had no voice, my demons fed by my insides

Then Poetry came to me

Poetry allowed me to let the demons out, I could talk! 

If I were angry I could say so

If I were sad, I could cry

I was not afraid of expression

I could say what the fuck I want

Whether he was there or not, my fears were gone

My voice present and loud I could talk!

I could cry, I could laugh

Nobody stopped me, not even dad

Before poetry, my solution was suicide

I would plan, but never had the balls

I was still afraid, that I would fail and not die

If that were to happen, my death would be from inside

Poetry, gave me a voice

Poetry gave me a reason to laugh

Poetry gave me a reason to cry

Poetry...Saved my life

This poem is about: 
My family


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 


My completed entry automatically sent me to yours and although it left me confused, your poem left me speechless. I have no idea what to write to you except that I am proud of how far you've come as a poet and individual. This is very powerful to me. 

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