Poetry is Reality

Nowadays, poetry can be seen as this

A sweet song, a love note about roses

A rap about getting the desires of the world

 Or part of the hip hop culture to get people to start bouncing and grooving

But yet, no one ever knew that poetry has more power than that

In my conscious, I see poetry as prophecies

To speak life to people who need help the most

And to paint the yellow brick road to truth and greatness to home sweet home

That is one of the main roles for people’s future and revelations

Even a fortuneteller or a psychic can’t tell one how to reach their final destination

“In your future, it is grave” and that is their statement

Not telling you how to avoid it. Just pay them their alms and be on your way

Not knowing if today is your last day

                                But poetry is reality to give them reproof and instructions

For a brighter future and how to correct mistakes that the human race makes

For poetry is also chronicles to mentor and empower the King’s children

To withstand and take pleasure in righteousness

But that is not the only thing I see poetry as

Poetry is like a Spirit

Holy and acceptable and given to those who need to endure another trial

To give everlasting love and peace to those who are struggling

To tell poets of the present to speak out so the laments of the past will cease their suffering

For poetry is more than a talent, it’s a powerful gift for reality

For all to see what is going on in the world

Though poetry is used for entertainment, horrors and fantasies

Being part of literature; not a legend or a myth

These roles are  man-made; artificially and passively given

But the divine role of poetry for reality is to create the pros

Of the joy of life and the reasons of why we must fight

As to why Poetry is not for the carnal and fleshly minded but for the spiritual delighted

Poetry is in the tongue

But be careful not to use it as though it is a gun

For it is meant to give life in conviction and improvement

To create the words to have patterns and rhythms for everyone to relate with

For everyone to come together as though they are joined as they are sisters and brethren

For who knew that it can bring those of different backgrounds and occupations into groups

For all to come for understanding, peace and relaxation?

Those are the roles that I personally see with poetry

For there are times through poetry that I can look behind the common and simple

Deep wisdom that are more than often overlooked

Hiding behind an invisible temple filled with knowledge

Waiting to smile down on me and everyone else

To know that Poetry is more than a world rap, more than a love song; it is reality


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