The Poetry Poem

I wanna write a poem

And I wanna make it rime

I wanna make it clever

And still keep it in good thyme


I wanna hide a meaning

Paint a picture you won't C

Don't wanna have to sing it

So this rhyme is not the key


I'm gonna change the wording

Though the meaning stays the same

It's not the destination

But the journey that's the game


I'll add in some enigma

That will blow your mind away

And leave a space so empty

Yet so full you'll lose your way


I'll write a little nonsense

And I'll give some words a home

But mispronunciation?

Well, this ain't the epitome


So maybe I'll be famous

Yes, my name just might be known

And all cuz I'm a poet

And I didn't even realize I was

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This poem was so much fun to read! I really like how you wrote a poem about how you would write a poem if you were a poet, and at the end, come to the conclusion that you were a poet the whole time. It's also clever how you inserted literary devices like enigma and epitome in there to emphasize your points. I think this would be a great poem to share with people just starting to write poetry because it proves that just because you might not be Shakespeare, that doesn't mean you can't be an awesome poet. Have you performed this poem out loud? Maybe you should enter it in a live poetry slam!

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