Poetry, This One's For you.

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Poetry.. The ink that flows through my pen

replaces tears I try to mend.
Poetry..held me when my father left my side.

When kids stared and whispered

poetry was where I could hide

With no one to turn to poetry it was you

who made me love this black skin outside and in

Silenced the ridicules they made against my melanin... You

Listened as I rambled on and on and on

About that cute guy in math class

You turned my butterflies into songs

You were the first in line every time

that cute guy lost his mind

and... hurt me.

See Id run to you to be subdued

and every time you renewed

the confidence I never knew I had.

Suddenly bad days didn't feel so bad

You've brought me inspire

Im reaching even higher

I don't just write for me but for the girl afraid to be

bold.. weak.. and even a little unique.

Poetry, a friendship, a bind

we've had since I was nine.

And though I'm reaching Nineteen

Nothing will ever come between..

The pen.. The paper.. The passion

that I have for Poetry.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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