Poetry With My Name

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 19:22 -- BN15

I use to share poems with my name attached 

but then I was told I should stopso my name was detached because the statement made my confidence drop. What if she was right?Was I just wasting my timewhen I tried to writeand make it rhyme?  So, I completely quit.I gave up something I lovebecause someone made me feel unfitbut the desire is not something I could get rid of. The words would dance in my brainas I tried to drift off to sleepbut the separation created more painand time made it run deep. The words would slowly ooze out of meI would try to stop thembut it made me feel so freeand I realized keeping them contained was dumb. It made a broken heart even more soarbecause I tried to keep it all inbut it put my mind and emotions at warand there was no way for me to win Her words were hard to ignoreI never expect a pat on the back.It wasn’t something I had asked for but I also didn’t expect an attack. I have to writeeven if people hate itmaybe their the ones who need sightmaybe their the ones who are unfit. Maybe they don’t understand the emotions that run deep within the soulbecause they try to hide it awaybut letting it out is the only way to feel wholeand not turn into decay. You see, I don’t really have a choicebecause it’s the only way to free my heartand feel like I have a voicewhen I’m falling apart. 

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