Poetry of the mind

What do I stand for?

With words I speak,  

I create simple harmonies and melodies,

Orchestrated fates,

I intertwine words to mold fabricated destinies.

It infiltrates the aura of the mind,

We speak,

With words loud enough to hear,

But not clear enough to see,

I speak,

Through ink that flows,

I undermine the normality,

To ignore the truth,

Of robotic mediocrity,

I stand,

To destroy the substance of the mind,

Letters clothed in elegant,


Sadistic design.

Consume the lies told by men dressed in hypocrisy,

Wearing nothing but a dollar sign.

I create,

A web of my own disasters,

Language spun into novels,

Of creatures and monsters,

Hidden in the skin,

Of important Imposters.

I write for the weak,

For those captured by darkness,

Unable to speak.

I write,

To save  the idealistic,  


Felonious objective.

We are trapped in  spirals of our own  creation,

Left with nothing but words

And a  villainous  intention.




This is really good. 


Thank you :)

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