Poetry to Me

What is poetry?

Not simply rhyming verse

But a force that moves the Earth

through the voices of millions of hearts

united as one.


What is poetry?

It is the voice of the meek,

The ones too afraid to speak,

The ones who appear to be so weak

When they can be strong.


So maybe not all of us were meant to speak

In an auditorium of hundreds thousands,

But do our words lose their sting

Simply by being put on paper?


The answer is no.

Poetry is the answer to those unheard by the world.

Let their voices ring in the sheets of paper and shelves of books,

Each line booming with an unrestrained pulse

Shared from the heart of the discontent writer


For no poetry is without discontent,

For if the world was perfect, poetry would cease,

No one would speak in the land of paradise,

SO instead we rally our causes,

Putting name to our sorrows,

And delivering the verses of our message from within.


This is poetry.

This is why we need it.

For without, the world goes unheard.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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