Poetry Love

Taking a look at these submissions
One caught my attention
And it was a sign I had to get raw and gritty
You ask why I chose poetry
No, poetry chose me
Now welcome to my city
It was an outlet
For my feelings I ain't let out yet
So despite my aching hand
I'd rather express in writing
Than reciting to someone I can't connect
Check. Means listen up
They didn't lighten..they tighten up on the grip
I was steady fighting with a knife
When I had a gun on my hip
I didn't use the gun, instead i used my lips
Yes I rap, an MC
remove the "C", add an "E" after the "M"
And that's the only person who I let up in my click
They want war
So I gave it to em
They wanna know the chapters of my life
Put it in a book, make em flip...
I paged it to em
I'm about to put a rage into em
Poetry been the love of my life
Ever since then I've been putting days into it
All of sudden the words got faster
No more slow talking or explaining
I became a rapper
Not only a rapper but i'm lyrically gifted
Open up the blessings of my life
Watch it shift into a blizzard of
Poetry love
Poetry loves me

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