Poetry is Life


United States
37° 18' 47.412" N, 122° 4' 20.5752" W

Poetry defines what I am
It allows me forms of expression
Poetry is what I am
It is my personal show of emotion

It is why I live to breathe air
As I slave away on things of the world
It is totally beyond compare
A place, my dream-world

And yet as I lie down, looking up at the sky
I realize I ignore the signs
As I suffer and slave, I look up and wish to fly
Yet society has labeled it a crime

Things of the world bar me from ascending
To things we enjoy, that I was meant for
Yet poetry can be so transcending
And protect me, be my savior

As I continue living my life
And finding new things to do
Let me remember, no matter the strife
Some things I was meant to do

Poetry is one of them
Something neglected
A little known and hidden gem
Yet to my life many things it has added
And to it I contribute


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