To Poetry I Owe my Life

You learn from your most frightening experiences

The ones that break your soul

The experiences that steal your mind and light

The experiences that change your outlook on the world

But you also learn that  the darkness is the reason you are strong

You learn To Conquer the darkness

You learn to run until your feet bleed and your legs can’t push you any further

Not an inch further from the past that you believed would Never Disappear.

The past that would Haunt you until your last breath

You learn that you can take control

You learn that life can be Beautiful

You learn that when you read poetry it over powers that darkened mind

Its Overpowered with beautiful words

With motivation and Light 

It is overpowered by an abundance of knowledge & inspiration.

It Saved you

Poetry Saved you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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