Poetry of the Heart


From the deepest chambers of my heart

The darkest caverns of my soul

The most secret corners of my being

And the brightest pictures of my imagination


Ascend reflections of my past

Stories of my present

Pictures of my future

Chapters of my life.


Creeping from dark alleys

Lost loves of the past.

Hiding in shadows

Bitter disappointments I'd wish to forget.


Stealing in hallways

Those moments of embarrassment.

Appearing from shadows

Dreams never fulfilled.


Climbing from earthen pathways

Those exultant times spent in a heaven of green.

Appearing in exquisite turquoise waves

The emotions of love and passion.


Looking back over steep canyons

Those risks taken but conquered.

Standing high on mountains

The exhilarating occurrences of successes reached.


And far in the horizon

Brighter than the stars

The aspirations of my life

Swirling closer and closer.


All these pictures-

Outcries from my heart

Express my life

Along the road I travel.


Chains of pearly words

Woven into sentences of shimmer

Channel my deepest secrets

And exclaim my brightest moments.



So when I feel as though I want to explain myself,

I sit and write- laying my soul bare.

 For nothing conveys emotions more vividly

Than poetry of the heart.








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