Poetry for a Grade

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 12:38 -- Rich


United States
26° 1' 38.1576" N, 80° 17' 36.4272" W

I never knew I had it in me
To write poetry as clearly as can be
There was an assignment do on my course
To write a poem
on a story told
Pressure was hunting me

How can I write it!
Exclaimed to myself
The grade is due
Just try it !
Replied to myself

How will I know
If I don’t try it?
Here it goes the best I can do

It’s not much
I can not worry
Go for it!
I intended

Make the grade
I can work hard
And it should not smear

An A was awarded
I should not have feared
It was clear
That I was near


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