Poetry: A friend

"I have always had feelings.

The more vocabulary I knew helped me explain these feelings.

The more I attended school the more I knew these feelings were important and could be expressed on to paper.

The more I wrote the better I could explain myself to those who will never know how I feel.

The more I felt the more poetry stopped being an assignment the more I became fulfilled and it became a breathing I created.

Poetry became a friend in times of no hope and became a safe place for uncontrollable emotion.

When I think about it, everything I say is poetry

Everything I think is poetry

When I am walking home and I smell the beautiful flowers that are blooming in the warm spring afternoon this is poetry for the eyes, and the smell.

Poetry is my thoughts, feelings, and my everyday life. Yet it is also a dear friend.

Always listening and waiting for more to be shared. It is apart to me as much as I am apart of it. "


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