Poetry is a flame


Poetry is a flame,

Consuming our thoughts as a forest fire would the trees,

Flickering our feelings as a campfire in the breeze,

Burning with compassion for a veteran’s safe return,

Smoking with a fragrance we are able to learn,

Exploding our imaginations as fireworks in the sky,

Singeing with despair, allowing us to cry,

Warming our hearts as a toddler makes a wish,

Simmering in the spotlight as a roasted Italian dish,

Glowing with hope as a torch in the night,

Smoldering with frustration for nothing is right,

Blazing with triumph of a hardship overcome,

Heating our souls with lessons from some,

Glimmering with the freedom we have to speak,

Scorching our hopes, leaving us weak,

Crackling with surprises as a sparkler would do,

Bursting with emotions, some false, others true,

Shining with significance as the sun up above,

Fuming our minds with the incapacity to love,

Sparking an idea or two we could kindle,

Igniting the senses beginning to dwindle,

Poetry is a flame


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