Poetry is Everything


Anything is poetry

The bird that just perched on a tree all alone

Two people were fighting and one slammed down the phone

Just write a few lines

Take your time

Make it rhyme

Or not.


You could add a beat to make it flow differently

You can make



Or longer to make it flow differently

Everything is poetry


It means one thing to you

And something different, something new

To everyone else who holds it

And takes it in

They let it go

And it moves on to the next person


And they see it different

Maybe they like it, maybe they don’t

But that doesn’t mean it wont

Be poetry to the next one

Poetry means everything


Because it can be anything

Expression or boredom

I write because I’m bored

I also write when I get so done

With everyone


When I can only find the written word to calm me


My closest companion is poetry


I confide in my words


I bend them to my liking


I write to feel heard


I write because writing


is the key to my own sanity.


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