Poetry Equals Me

When my hands hurt from writing so long,

Burning from quickly writing down thoughts,

Creating every feeling onto paper,

Not able to stop expressing my feelings

The only way I knew how to.


Poetry is me.

I am poetry.

I’m what I write.

What I write is what I am.

I didn’t choose poetry,

It chose me

Ever since I can remember

I have been a poet.


This is who I am,

What I’ve been,

Something I’ll be,

These words are now crafted

Into beautiful words on paper.


I did not know I could write

Something so memorable,

Something so beautiful

Until my teacher taught

A poetry lesson one day

When I was in middle school.


From that moment on,

Inspiration set in

And sparked my pen

And lit my paper on fire

With the feelings

And emotions of

My memories.

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