Poetry Can Change A Life

I'm not a poet, but i write poetry.

Poetry is like something you never seen before,

Once you read it, you become inspired,

but once YOU write it, YOU become an inspiration to the world.

A poem is so powerful, it can do many amazing things,

stop someone from committing a crime,

keep that someone from from jumping to their death,

make a girl say no to prostitution,

bring attention to a worldwide problem.

It can change a persons life completely around.

I was bullied until i started my sophomore year of high school.

and then joined the high school band

People called me ugly and blacker than black,

there were times i wanted to give up,

and wish life would end,

 then, school introduced us to the book,

"The Skin I'm In"

This was the end of my skin color bothering me,

but Maya Angelou and many other poets

brought me out

People's words didn't bother me anymore

I made many more friends

Now I'm in my senior year

A marching Wildcat

Known by many

And doesn't have bullies, instead i have a family who knows,

KNOWS what i went through

because i came out of my box.

I work beyond myself to show those bullies whose boss,

To show them i can shine brighter, the right way,

That I'm better than them,

That one day they'll be the one's begging me for a job

I'm not scared of anything,

I do my best everyday and achieve average and above.

Poetry changed and saved my life,

Poetry helps a person think before acting out

I'm not a poet, but i write poetry.



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