Poetry and Me

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 20:22 -- alienag

I search around my head

I look inside my heart

To find those key words

That make this sound

More like art


It’s the simple way

You can frame

A panaroma of feelings,

thoughts, experiences

In one simple sentence


Starting in elementary 

With basic rhymes

I came to love

Reading the lines

I'm still getting the hang of it

But the first requirement

Was falling in love

With the simple genius

Of a making art

From a couple of words


In middle school

Came the I AM poems

It was fun for me to be

Creatively challenged

I went all out and found

A new way to express me


Sophomore year in high school

Tragedy struck me

Everything lost its cool

I became mute

I had lost somebody

I would never replace, and

In turn had lost the will

To try or to create


Healing came about slowly

It would be as a college freshman

I take a poetry class

And begin creating again


I had always kept a diary

But after a couple tries

At poetry

It became clear to me

It can sum up one story

In much less words,

But still convey the meaning


Poetry, slowly but surely

Everyday becomes more

And more

A part of me


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