it used to be what we read in school;

harsh lines for more educated, eloquent, and sheltered minds.

minds untorn by the society around them. 

devoid of thoughts of depression, 

untarnished by the touch of abuse,

and free of the grasp of poverty.

i used to think poetry was



of pain and suffering. 

but i realized that my pain and suffering was not what people like to read.

it is the more educated mind -

the more privileged, 

that speaks volumes to the people. 

because real life is just depressing. 

"The poor woman who begs God"

written by a poor woman

is just poor.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



Why do you think your pain and suffering is not a good topic on which to base your writing? Many artists utilize their authentic, unique life experiences to add a matchless flavor to our common human experience. Otherwise, poetry would be the one thing to which it is forever truly alien: fake. 

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