Tue, 06/14/2016 - 18:26 -- Zexal

Poetry to me is like a stoner to weedLike a rose that grew from concrete, I find hope when I put pen to paper Life has no eraser so whenever I write a line, I draw the lineEvery time I spit people get into they pajamas because they know it's story time Sorry I'm being vague, I mean I tell stories in my poetryWords are deeper in meaning like you're hearing the story from FloetryI'm a soul child who loves musiq I go from listening to average poetry to listening to DrakeAcid comes off my words like the rapperWhen it rains, their will be a chance that I'll be awake listening to Pimp A ButterflyI'm just a mortal man who listens to J. ColeHow much does a dollar cost when you change your dream three times?I see a thicke robin before meOr is it my head playing games?The after affects of those blurred lines...

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