Poetry is...

       It is the stockpile of my feelings.

       It is the canvas on which I spew out my emotions - whether they are the solemn

       blue of sadness or the bright, bold red of my anger. From my darkest hues to my

       brightest highlights; no matter the color, the canvas is ever-present and allows me to

       spew my paint out upon the crinkled surface, an exchange from pen to paper.

       Poetry is my closest friend -it's my solace on dark nights and my sweet

       song on bright days.

       It is the liberation I need when I am shackled down by my emotional chains

       and it keeps me sane.

       It is that one friend that listens to my most embarassing secrets and my most joyful


       And for finding the courage to turn my thoughts and emotions into art,

       I am forever thankful.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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