Poetic Power

Poetry is a powerul drug

you take a free sample

you fall in love and get addicted

to the fragrance of the scented similes

and the taste of the flavorous hyperboles


Love a sight

My vision was hypnotized by the rhythmical creation of beauty

and its words poetically brutalize my soul with happiness

having my mind dance to the rhythm of joy

and my soul sing harmony melodies


Its gorgeous appearence stood out like a wedding cake

A delightful dessert

and when I took a few bites of the poetic words

the language was so delicious

it suddenly murder every vicious entity

that was living in me


Giving the appreciation to the power of poetry

The ability to create poems with elegance

was in my system

but the recipe of poems symbolizing beauty

wasn't in memory

Poetry gave me three ingredients for the recipe

A writing surface flexible as a rubber band

A writing instrument

that would guide to the land of paradise

and my mind and heart combined

A duet that would cure the blues with thier

Melodic tune

The main ingredient that would create my poem with inspiration


I started to combine all the ingredients into one substance

My freedom of speech

and put my thoughts into display

making the flavor of my mastrpiece sweeter than Kool-Aid

was my objective

To prove it

I stood foot into a dramatic surface and preached in Spoken Word

suddenly my duet sung their melody

healing ill souls

and raindrops and thuderstorms filled the atmosphere

My courage dominated poetic fear

Happiness sheilding the space of freedom

publicly earning Poetic Power

the power to spread beauty and peace


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