Poetic Pain


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Im going to die soon, why care about living for.
Hardships and force is the only time i praise the lord.
And they say, "whenever it rains it pours".
I kicked misery out and now im showing pain the door.
Angels sing while the devil plays the instruments.
Earth gets screwed while mother nature gets intimate.
She have a couple kids pestilence and intricate.
This is there earth and us humans not meant for it.
You can tell earth doesnt want us here.
Nature tries to run us off causing chaos and fear.
Do you think earthquakes care who is near?
I have been to hell and back with his horns as a souvenir.
Hey Jesus, "do you love me"
"I thought so, i know my ways are ugly"
"but you cant blame me man cause when i was a little kid i never
had no man to hug me"
So let me get this straight you need a shoulder to lean on.
Why should i care when hate uses my heart to beat on.
Give me the darn injection and something to grip my teeth on.
Im asking for forgiveness and possibly to be reborn.



The beauty of pain is pain.


I see that you have put alot of emotion into this particular poem. I like it and My name is Kevin Etheridge where im from they call me a young black inspiration because of my poetic skill. You have my props

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