Poetic Beginnings

Thu, 06/02/2016 - 22:12 -- tytalk

Poetic Beginnings


AEIOU and twenty-one other consonants too

That’s how we all make poetry; isn’t it?


So it must’ve been when I spoke my first word, no,

When I wrote my first word

That I discovered poetry


Yet again,

It could have been when I was a little older

Reading book after book of Dr. Seuss

And learning how to rhyme


Or how about when I wrote my first poem?

It was the eleventh grade

And we had to complete a daunting poetry project

But that was so long ago

And most of it has faded from my memory


The real truth is, I’m not sure of the exact moment

When poetry entered my life

But, like this poem, my fascination has never stopped growing

So, why did I become a poet?

I think the real question is

How could I not?


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