Poet Forever

Since the day of my birth, 

I was destined for something,

I just didn't know what.

Throughout the years of my exsistance,

I have been searching,

Searching for my purpose.

My adolesence provided my with an answer.

Supplied with a pencil and paper.

I decided to write my way through life,

Writing to my heart's content.

Writing is the sole priorty of my life,

The essence of who I am.

My imaginaiton is limitless,

My ideas are flowing,

My need for expression,

Is always important. 

Poetry provides a challange.

Poetry is my muse.

Poetry is what defines me.

Poetry is my life.

I don't know where I would be,

Without the satisfaction of poetry.

Whether it rhymes,

Whether its free,

Whether topic or issue.

No matter what,

No matter why.

I will always be a poet, 

A poet forever.

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