The Poet and the Poem

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 16:34 -- miaruiz

I am home to the stars

Home to life, and home

to planets that rain glass.

There are universes in my mind

that I have yet to explore;

These veins in my wrist - so winding and intricate -

are highways connecting every star of mine,

and I bathe in the moonlight

that decorates the delicate lining of my heart,

however pale it may be feeling.


But I am more than flowers in a garden.

There are entire galaxies growing inside of me, and they refuse to fade -

   refuse to submit to the sun flares of self-loathing,

   or to the black holes I've glimpsed in so many others' eyes.

I am the wishes I make for every comet that shoots across the astral plain.

When you find yourself needing

a reminder of my identity...

Gaze up at the heavens, at the sky,

My mirror.


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