A Poet and I Know it

"You're a poet and you didn't know it" 

I guess that's how it always starts 


I used to rhyme for fun inside my head

Tying my thoughts, prisoners, 'round my tongue 

Wishing for song but living life unsung. 

When I felt despair at all the souls unfed. 

I might have been a poet. 


But when I realize I'm writing a sonnet 

Because I can and it flows well

When it's 1 am and I'm searching for a metaphor, 

Abandoning the platitudes of common speech, 

I know it.


When I find freedom

Along the chain link confines of form

And  find joy in breaking through

With ideas sharp as wire cutters. 

I know it.


When one's insanity becomes writing

Writing becomes one's sanity. 




So your mind would go wild late at night lol I can relate to that lol


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