Poesy- Élan Vital

Shel A. Silverstein

Simply for fun

–drivel yet there was a flow, a feeling

Words just popped out, yet each with meaning


Primary school: applied to excite the mundane

the uncomfortable topics:


Death’s gentle caress


Bequeathed a kiss upon family

A tepid caress against the malign harshness of cloy finis

Dulcet whisper carcinoma, as you reap and raze my

kith and kin

-My hand anchored by my love for you-

I write no longer



High school: reclaim the pencil

realizing there was more to it than rhymes,

literary devices,

iambic pentameter.


There is a word in the dictionary for every thing I’m feeling. Thesaurus fidus Achates




Tears and pride

euphoria at the idea

that written scrawl can voice

raw emotions

I never knew had name.


Descriptors calling out a thousand tears




Releases it all


A way to learn language and words

I did not decide to be a poet,

this isn’t poetry

This is the disgorged avowal of

-My hand anchored by my love for you-

Stark ink, jotted scrawl

Release and rapture all in one

 To culminate my feelings, take form in cuneiform

This is not poetry


Don’t you know you’re life, itself

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 


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