A poem for you on your birthday

As the sun rises

A new day is born

You too grow older

Another year behind you

Another year in front of you

Rising up

A mountain of new memories you have yet to climb

May you put on your hiking boots with pride

And climb the slope with confidence

Removing rocks

Planting flowers

Living with joy and poise

Not letting any boulder 

Stop you from reaching to the summit


But also stop to marvel

At all the little flowers

You find hidden in the crevices

Of hardship


I wish for you to walk the world

Like a tiger alone in the forest

Comfortable in your own skin

Smiling into the sunlight

Laughing at the rain

And in coldest, darkest nights

May you find warmth and light with the company of others

For as the sun rises

You are older


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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