Poem Writiing


“Will you hear me out today?

I may need your assistance.

I cannot find out what to say

To make my wordings dance.

I want to write poetry

I don’t know how to start

Can you try to teach me

This worded kind of art?

How do you begin to write

To make a poem good?”

Don’t make the words fight

Smooth is really good.

Think of what you want to say;

What is its reason?

Write it in your own way

Make it neatly done.

“How do you keep it neat?

The words end in a jumble!”

Don’t go on and just repeat

Do this and you will stumble.

Make your words descriptive

Describe a picture in your mind.

Don’t always write down ‘live’,

Try reside, exist, or others you find.

It helps to keep the flow

By counting the syllables

This is good to know:

Not exact, with common lulls

“How do I get them to be read,

What if no one likes them?”

Write about the life you’ve led

The rest from that will stem.

Try to compare things in your speech,

Use things like similes

This will help you to reach

Things that will others please.

Keep it in your own style,

Each style is unique.

Try doing this awhile

It will lead you to your peak.

Don’t switch between tenses,

It’s a common mistake

Try to use most of the senses

More than sight can partake.

Make it any way you want,

It does not have to rhyme

Try having it written in a different font

Don’t rush, take your time.

It may take a while to become good,

You may get it right away,

But either way you really should

Practice day to day.


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