A Poem for the World to Read

*punctuation and line spacing is intentional*


Is it so absurd to want to be heard, or to wish to have wings like a bird?

Sitting in a world full of people, yet all alone in silence

Locked away mentally in a personal asylum,

The violence never ceases, the hate never dissipates,

Ignore the love and ignore what is good,

The evil is what we anticipate,

Focus on lies, who dies

Never look to what is and who lives,

The hand of hate closes, crushing hope and fate,

The wool is pulled over the eyes



The simple things are to be cherished

In a world where everything, even you and I, will perish


The warmth of fresh brewed herbal tea

The tactile feel of a book to read

Witnessing the magic of a red, orange, or yellow leaf

Enjoying what is not guaranteed


To be heard, to be seen

To dream heavenly sweet dreams

To love, to hate

To feel,

Just know that this is all real.


To open your eyes and see the world

To open your ears and hear the world

To love one another and not see evil


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