A Poem Untold


This poem took a minute

Cause I had too many thoughts

Going on in my head

So many things were changing

That I couldn’t comprehend

The world I thought I knew was gone

The person I once was gone with the wind

And I was left with nothing but sins

I never knew what would become of me

Cause everything was changing so rapidly

My days were becoming short

I felt like a bungee cord that was bouta snap

Because of all the pain and frustration

But then you came into my life

And I was like damn!


This is not how I used to be

I was once stress free

But now I got more grey hair

Than Ms. Willow the tree

My thoughts were once oh so carefree

They were in order

Like first grade in elementary

But now they’re scattered

Like a swarm of bees

And I shall never know what would become of me

But you seem to have some kinda power over me

You got me mesmerized

To the point where I can forget all about the lies

I can finally live the life I wanted

Cause you put some kinda spell on me

Why are you the only one that can do these things?


What happened to that girl

Who had everything in order

Never thought twice about what she said around certain people

What happen to me?

Lately I’ve been lost

Unsure of where to go what to do

This that I’m feeling has gotten me confused

To the point where I never know who I truly am

How is that when you’re around my pain goes away

My heart that was once like stone

Cold, hard, and jagged

Now has cracks in it and through those cracks shines light

That only you can make happen

It’s hard to believe that I can love another

When I’ve been deceived so many times, been told too many lies

But yet here you are fixing my broken pieces with out knowing


A poem that talks about feelings unspoken

Words that are untold

Thoughts that were undiscovered

A love lost at sea

And a brand new me

The ways that used to seem wrong

Now seem right

The rumors turning true

The truth that I spoke turning into lies

Never have I thought this would be me

Never have I thought I would walk that route

But now I can see it

Right in front of me telling me to just reach out my hand

And everything will become clear and that’s the truth

But I’m I ready to stray away

To stray away from a path I’ve known my whole life?


But when I look in your eyes

I know all my pain and frustration will go away

That the path I’ve known since I was little

Will be okay

And this can be the start of something new

Something not yet discovered

But I’m not gonna jump ships not just yet

Cause I don’t wanna walk that path alone and scared

All because you don’t feel the same way too

I’m not gonna do it I refuse too

Cause I’ll be damn to be there all alone

To feel like the runaway child that looks in through the window

I will not I shall not become that girl

I’ve gone through too much to be ridiculed

Cause of how I feel


I’ll be right here waiting for you

And when you’re ready I’ll still be here waiting for you

I don’t think you know how I truly feel

My feeling for you goes deep

Deeper than the ocean sea floor

And it drives me crazy that I can’t tell you

So my pain and frustration comes back

Mixed in with hurt in guilt

It’s like a cocktail drink feeled up to the brim with emotions

Daring to tip over if one more feeling gets dropped in

Maybe one day you’ll feel the same way too

Or maybe you already do, but too scared to face the truth

So until then ima wait right here for you

A poem untold

Thoughts that were undiscovered

And a love lost at sea 



I like!

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