This poem took so many turns

Why do I like you?

Why do I like anyone?

More importantly, why

Why do I like any guy?

Any boy?

I'm rarely attracted to anyone.

But why you?


What's different?

Let's see.


You ignored me at first.

I wanted you

but i couldn't have you.


Because of that.

I just wanted you more.

I don't know if you did that on purpose

I don't know if that was the case

I don't know if you actually ever liked me.


But now, I'm falling head over heels.

I wasn't in control.

I wasn't drooled over.

I was treated equally.

That's what I like.


Girls are more than just fucking princesses.

We are fucking bitches.

I am a bitch and I am proud.

I am independent, smart, tough, and a bitch.

But wait.

That's not all I am.

Underneath my shell, I'm sweet.

Sincere, kind, caring, loving.


You broke my shell. 

You made me want you.

That is how you get access to the bitch. 


You want me to respect you?

Go to school.

Get an education.

Get a real fucking job.

Something steady.

Something that will fucking support me someday.

I know I will be able to support myself.

But i will not have someone mooching off me for their silly little hobby instead of work.

I am a bitch I know.

I will suceed in this world I know.


Talk to me.

Have a real fucking conversation with me.

None of that surface bullshit.

Talk books with me.

Talk government with me.

Talk science with me.

Talk history with me.

Talk fucking math with me.

Talk about fucking me.


You want me to like you?

Sweetness and kindness don't break the shell

They coax the shell until it gets fucking pissed off

and then it toughens the fuck up.

Make me like you.

Manipulate me.

Leave me dying for more.

It's rare. Only some are able to achieve it.


Want me to like you?

Give me a reason to respect you.

Will you hold up your end of the deal in the future?


Want me to like you?

Be sexy smart

Be sexy intelligent.


The bitch tried to be nice at first.

But then it got pissed off. 

At first it may be vulnerable

but soon it will toughen up

get mean

live up to its name.

This poem took so many turns and directions

I'm not even sure if its even a poem anymore.

The bitch has arrived.

And she doesn't care.




I can relate to this approximately 10000% more than any other sappy love poem on this site. 

I love this! Very authentic.

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