Poem of Reality

What a world we live in

The things I see

Everything is hard

The struggles we meet

Nothing is easy as my parents would say

Live your life each and everyday

Work assiduously to get what I want

But is everything really what I want?

Everyone wants the same thing

Money, power, and fame

But I want freedom and peace

Not the imprisonment and war

A world with love and happiness

To see smiles everywhere I go

I want to escape reality

The violence of the world

Escape the tyranny, poverty, and sufferings

And live in the hands of the creator

It seems as though happiness never lasts

But there would always be war and destruction

As I go living in this broken world

The obstacles we come across to

I know there is one who makes it suitable

The creator of heaven and earth

The one I call my holy father

The maker of us all




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