A Poem to my Friends


Lost in the darkness
Although never knowing light
Their souls silently searching
Never willing to give up this fight
Jason & Eric:
These two with smiling faces
Traveling aimlessly
Without cause, though all the phases
Still not concisely aware
Of their soul’s urgent plea
What life has to bring ‘em?
They would just have to wait and see
Now in high school
They’ve made it this far
Are now searching
For who they really are
Then one night
A girl gave Eric a glimpse
Of what he might turn out to be
Promises of eternal happiness,
Of ward families, new friends;
All of these blessings
Seeming never to come to an end
His heart beated a lil’ faster
His mind flung open like a door
Was this finally it?
The thing he had been waiting for?
A girl gave him a special book
A couple months later
It was filled to the brim with stuff he
wanted to live by,
Examples set by The Maker
Still carrying a translating book
Jason never truly felt included
Some things his teachers said
Still continued to elude him
Then he met a group of guys
Who were excepting of everyone
How he hoped they’d all be friends
Always there for each other in the long run
He started going to their early morning
Never regretting the missed sleep
And he found out so much more than
That their friendship ran deep
Jason & Eric
These two with smiling faces
Finally finding their purpose
With new friend’s embraces
The girl from that one night
And the group of boys from school
Had them talk to some of their friends
Only 20 & 21? ... Yeah they were pretty cool
Accepting all that was taught
They set up a date
December 10, 2011
It felt like their fate
Going every Sunday
They never ceased learning
Continually feeling
A great fire burning
And this is where we stop
Although the end is nowhere near
For Jason & Eric have learned
Whosoever belongeth to His church, need not fear.


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